Our 18km cycle route of Bolton and Horwich is a real beauty, and is set to be a central event of our Relay-Triathlon again in 2018.

Starting from Queen’s Park at the “Park Street” carpark, you’ll be pedalling your way up Chorley New Road before taking a Right Turn up into the hills above Bolton and Horwich, and then back down Chorley Old Road for a triumphant return.

But one bit counts more than anything: The King Of The Mountain Challenge. Once riders turn the corner at Smithills Dean Road their ankle-mounted chip-timer will trigger, and they've got a fast, uphill challenge to undertake to the top! It is THIS time that counts towards your overall team score. Of course, we'll let you know your overall time too, but this is the bit that wins your team a medal.

King of the Mountain Challenge – Corner of Smithills Croft Road & Smithills Dean Road, uphill to Colliers Row Road – 1.6km

Don't forget, for anybody thinking about Lance Armstronging and pulling a fast one, you'll be wearing an ankle-timer, so no taking short cuts – we’ll know!).

Here’s a hint – a roadworthy bike is a GREAT idea. It’s the cyclists’ responsibility to ensure that they bring a bike that’s fit for purpose and safe to use.

You also need to wear a safety helmet at all times, including while dismounted in the transition area. Competitors who do not wear their safety helmet at all times will be removed from the race – we HAVE to put the safety of competitors first.

Other than that, you need to have a little think about the weather. Sure, it’s going to be late July and you've got a half-decent chance of sun. But this is still England, and if history teaches us anything you’ve got as much chance of rain as you do of sun, so make sure you bring clothes to protect you against the elements but won’t hamper your cycling too much should you need them.

You can also consider:

Whether you’re looking at being the new King Of The Mountain, or just looking a getting yourself round the course, we can help you get ready for your cycling leg.

For novices, keeping up with a local cycling club can be difficult, but that’s party of the beauty of Get Companies Active – many of us are just starting out with sport for the first time in a good while, so join us to get the ball rolling at one of our cycling training camps – check them out here!