Training Camps

Whether you’re a seasoned triathlon veteran, or a complete novice, you’re going to get the most out of Get Companies Active if you train for it in advance. The benefits for regular exercise on for your physical and mental wellbeing can be huge, and our training camps will help you get the best out of your efforts as you strive for the greatest triathlon performance of your life!

Our training camps are split into 4 types – swimming, running, cycling and general fitness, allowing triathlon participants to improve their technique for their specific event, as well as come together for team-based training to help general fitness – crucial to triathlon team success!

We’ve provided a calendar to show upcoming events, updated by the volunteers and sports professionals organising them. If you have a google account, you can even sync your calendar with it to receive regular updates – no excuses ;)

Peak XV Triathlon Coaching – Swim longer

We said we’d be bringing in the BIG guns from the triathlon world to help participants get fit, healthy and ready for our triathlon, and Peak XV Triathlon Coaching more than fills those shoes.

Named after the first designated name for the infamous Mount Everest (Peak 15) – itself synonymous with challenge and achievement, Peak XV takes those who’ve a passion for bettering their strength, endurance and technique across our 3 triathlon disciplines, and helps them become true triathletes, or even Ironman competitors.

Over the last 17 years, Peak XV’s Garrie has trained over 60 athletes of varying abilities using a unique training philosophy that’s developed over time.

Friends of Get Companies Active

What we’re doing here at Get Companies Active really fits with Peak XV’s philosophies – that everything can be improved on with the right encouragement and expert training, helping people achieve feats they might have otherwise thought impossible, and that’s why we’re partnered up to offer Peak’s unique insights and training to Get Companies Active competitors of all abilities.

Swim Coaching

Available starting in August, Peak XV is offering it’s amazing quality Swim Training sessions in blocks of 5 weeks (1 lesson per week), for groups of 8-16 people, and the FULL course is just £35 per person.

The lessons will take place on Tuesday mornings, 7am Turton Sports Centre ( and helps budding swimmers get their stroke right, build their endurance, set their breathing rhythm and much more, even going as far as using video analysis technology so you can work on your body position and stroke.

The number of spaces on this course are slim, so don’t delay in registering your details!

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