The triathlon event will take place on the Sunday the 29th July 2018. Confirmation of individual event start times will be confirmed closer to the time, but competitors are encouraged to clear their diaries for that morning (and early afternoon) to avoid disappointment. Don't forget to stick around for the awards ceremony in the afternoon!

More details on the event founders can be found on our Founders Page, as well as information about PLG Media who are delivering the digital side of the event here.

But more importantly, it’s the companies of Bolton that are organising it making it possible, signing up their teams and gaining the charity sponsorship that makes it all so worth while.

Ideally, we want as many Bolton-based firms to take part as possible, and should push come to shove, teams from Bolton will be given preference on the starting line. Teams submitted by a firm MUST be made up solely of staff members - no drafting in professionals!

If you’re thinking about doing 2 legs (eg, cycle, swim and have somebody else do the run), we’re sorry – due to managing 3 different events all at once, we need to keep this simple to make it work for everyone. There's no running every event either. 3 people, per team - that's it.

Nope, sorry! The whole point of this triathlon is to get people active, who might not usually be, and the more the merrier. It's about doing something as a team, not solely for personal glory. Get your mates together, and get active!

For a team of 3 entering into the triathlon, it's £25 each (£75 in total).

But don’t forget, this is a charity event, with 100% of the proceeds heading to our 3 charities, and we encourage all competitors to raise as much money independently through their Virgin Money page as possible! There’s even a trophy to the team that raises the most!

Sure! Between Bolton and the surrounding towns there are plenty of hotels to suit all budgets, as well as B&Bs and self-catering options. Just check through a reputable travel site to find a deal that works for you.

Here at BL1 4BY, just to the West of Bolton town centre. It's nice! Get directions on Google Maps

With so much to cover on race day, we’re looking to start as soon as possible on the 29th July, and we anticipate the swim to start at 7am. More specific race times can be found on our SWIM, BIKE and RUN pages closer to the time – just watch this space!

Pretty broad rules on this one, but don’t forget that by running as a company team, you’ve got an opportunity to shout about your firm with company-branded clothing!

Swimmers: Practical swimwear and googles are advisable, with normal swimming kit absolutely fine. Note: Get Companies Active nor it’s associates can be help responsible for any scarred retinas produced by speedos.

Cyclists: Note that cycling helmets are compulsory for all competitors from transition area to transition area. Please ensure your helmet meets safety standards. Anybody not conforming to these rules will be asked to leave the triathlon, and have their times disqualified. Otherwise, cyclists can wear whatever practical gear they feel is appropriate for the conditions.

Runners: Any practical running gear you choose is acceptable.

No – the swim section is taking place in Bolton One's Jason Kenny Centre – an indoor and heated facility.

Meet us at The Jason Kenny Centre, Bolton On, Moor Lane, Bolton, BL3 5BN, or get directions on Google Maps Here.

500m :) That’s 20 lengths in this pool! Only 200m longer that the Eiffel Tower is tall ;) Last year we did 400m (16 Lengths) but if anything, many people found it too easy!

Competitors start in the shallow end, so NO, diving is not permitted. Besides, we didn’t want anybody’s speedo’s coming off on entry.

You may complete the swim using either Front Crawl or Breastroke. Butterfly strokes (why would you even want to?!) or Backstrokes are not permitted.

I mean, sure, if you want to show off. The pool is deep enough at both ends to accommodate tumble turns.

Only the transition between Bike and Run will be counted (the Swim to Bike transition is done by radio for logistical reasons.

The transition area is where one even ends and another begins. In this race, the Swim to Bike transition is done by radio, but there IS a transition are between BIKE and RUN. There are certain rules that must be obeyed in each transition area. There will be marshals stationed in clearly marked transition areas to take your times and direct you.

Yes! Certainly! If you don’t already have a bike, you may want to consider borrowing one from a friend, or searching the internet for affordable hires and purchases.

Technically, anything that is a “push/pedal” bike is fine. The route is all on tarmac roads, so road-racing bikes are ideal, however mountain bikes are fine, too. We don’t really recommend BMX style bikes as you may find them extra-uncomfortable and impractical over the 18km course!

For those of you trapped in imperial figures, the cycling (20Km) works out as roughly 11.18 miles, and the 5km run works out as 3.10 miles.

No! The marshals don’t have the authority to redirect traffic, and both runners and cyclists must obey the highway code at all times while on public roads, giving way to traffic where needed.

Easily! Providing you’re pretty local, we’re arranging a huge number of events to help out with training across all 3 disciplines. You can keep up to date by following us on our FACEBOOK and checking out our TRAINING CAMPS page - you can even sync your google calender with ours!.

Sure! Credit where credit’s due, we’ve organised for a bunch of different awards for a host of different reasons, including fasted times, fasted teams and most money raised. Note that the awards will be dishes out to the deserving at the After Party!

The full set of results will appear here as soon as they're ready, most likely the day after the event, but those that have achieved specific awards such as "fasted times" will be announced at the awards ceremony after the triathlon is complete.

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