Our 5km running leg of our Relay Triathlon is our glorious finisher – the very last sports event of the day and takes runners on 4 laps of Queen’s Park before a great photo finish before the Family Fun Day and After-party for well-earned food and refreshments.

So, with money to raise for charity, bodies to get fit, as well as company and personal pride to be won, will YOU be getting your trainers on and showing Bolton what you’ve got?

The first runners will set off the moment their team’s cyclist enters the transition area and the marshals give them the green-light.

From there, they’ve got a well-signed and marshalled 5km route around Queen’s Park, or rather – 4 laps around our designated route, taking in small hills and flats as runners wind their way to the finish line and bring the relay-triathlon to a close.

The terrain is varied, with a few inclines involved, but the entire course is tarmacked, so shouldn’t be too muddy or slippery – not that runners shouldn’t take care!

Whatever the weather on the day, we expect our 5km course to represent a challenge to everyone, whether that’s a challenge to simply complete the course without stopping, or setting a new personal record – it all depends on your ability, fitness and experience.

We anticipate the first runners to set off at around 11am as the faster cyclists begin to arrive.

A decent enough pair of comfortable running shoes, and comfortable, practical clothing to protect yourself against the weather on the day – as simple as that! Although you may want to bring something warmer to slip on after you finish the run so you can still enjoy the family fun day and after-party!

Whatever your current ability, you’re going to be getting the most out of your Get Companies Active run if you train beforehand, increasing your speed, fitness and personal pride.

If you’re not quite feeling up to joining a gym, running alone or tagging along with a local running club just yet, we understand. That’s why we’re running our own Get Companies Active training sessions, including general fitness and running – just check them out here!