Our 500m (20 length) swim event in Bolton One’s fantastic Jason Kenny Centre is YOUR chance to show yourself, all your colleagues and the whole of Bolton what you can do in the water.

Whether you’re an absolute dolphin, or a bit of a turtle, we’re running swim training in the months leading up to the event to make sure you’re at your best before you take the plunge!

Our swim event is the very first of the 3 disciplines to start on the 29th July, followed by the cycling then a photo-finish on the running leg, and we can’t wait!

Dispatched from the pool-side in waves of 8, a few minutes apart to ease congestion, you’ll have a decent amount of space of your own to swim your 20 lengths in.

We’re pretty liberal about dress-code, but then again we need a few little rules to keep things safe, hygienic and practical, this IS a sports event after-all.

Normal swimwear is fine, just ensure it’s not something that will effect the water quality or impede other swimmers. Because this is an indoor event, wetsuits are not required, but you can wear one if you wish.

For spectators, we are advising that this event comes in a Level 10 Speedo Warning – Interesting sights are likely…

Goggles are good, too!

Other than appropriate swim-wear, goggles, and a towel, competitors should bring 50p for lockers.

500m is 20 lengths in this pool, from a standing start in the shallow end. It may seem like a long way for some, or just a little challenge for others, but to get the most out of your swim, you need to be training in the run-up, and we’ve got you covered with regular training sessions, some with video analysis to help you improve your technique!

Check it out here, and don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for quick updates on upcoming fitness events for you and your triathlon team!