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Not feeling ready for running your triathlon? We’ve put together a program of training events based around general fitness, as well event-specific training to get your swimming, cycling and running times into line with something you can be proud of.

We’ve designed our triathlon to be enough of a challenge for everyone to put some work in, but not so hard that it’s not inclusive for nearly everyone.

That being said, we advise you train as much as you can, improving your health, focus and even your mental health in preparation, leaving you with lasting effects that will spill over into both your work and social life: an all-round win!

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Started in mid-March, we’ve already begun organising regular general fitness runs around Bolton town-centre.

Beginning at the corner of St George’s Street and All Saint’s Street (opposite the Founder’s Arms), runners from 3 other founding companies will be meeting at 4.45pm on Monday & Thursday, and you’re welcome to join us!

The route, which is entirely on pavement (with the odd road crossing – be vigilant!), is just over 1.1 miles – a good starting distance!

This is a mixed-ability training event, so there’s no huge need to feel pressured into keeping up with the pack (there’s always one or two that streak out in front), just bring your trainers and appropriate running gear!

*Note: This is not an officially organised event, and you will not fall under any insurance arrangements made by Get Companies Active or founding companies: Runner must take part with full knowledge and understanding that doing so it done at their own risk.

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